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Taylor Woods is a Los Angeles-based destination wedding, commercial, and portrait photographer.


This time-lapse was especially fun to build. On 4 February, I moved into my loft-space in Downtown LA. My cousin Jesse, his wife Chelsea, and I took measurements and immediately began constructing a 63 sq foot loft space (if I don't do something immediately, it doesn't get done). It's 7ft 5in high with 7ft 3in clearance. This is a project that we had no background in, no blueprints, just a rough idea of how to do it and what we ultimately wanted.

Personally - prior to working in sculpture conservation - I have no experience working in construction or with power tools. Jesse had a little experience working with his father on projects in Oregon. Ultimately though, we roughly sketched the idea on a napkin and figured out how we wanted to construct it.

After the first day, we had the initial framing done. The next morning, as it set, there were weight distribution issues: there was superficial cracking (and potential structural cracking) in a couple of the 2x4's and 4x4's. I called my cousin Beck - an architect - to get some advice. Unfortunately, she said she would start over, using 2x6's throughout the structure and bolt the entire structure into the metal studs. That wasn't going to happen. Talking it over, we figured out a reinforcement system that - rather than tearing the day-before's-work down - we could double up 2x4's and 2x6's to secure it.

So the second day of construction was filling in the gaps, securing it at different points, trial and error. Throughout the process, we were learning. Our experience building was minimal, but we figured it out with precise measuring and talking through each detail. I don't want to do it again anytime soon though.


The song in this time-lapse video is "Island on the Coast" by Band of Horses.

Taylor Woods