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Taylor Woods is a Los Angeles-based destination wedding, commercial, and portrait photographer.

Five Months

I made this video 5 months ago using my iPhone and a track by Ryan Adams. I had worked at this wilderness therapy program for at-risk youth six years to the day. Apart from being a Wilderness Field Instructor and Supervisor, this program was also my first photography client ever (see http://www.clotheslinephotographs.com/suws--phoenix).

It's interesting for me to watch it now, how distant it feels. In many ways, everything in my life revolved around this place. It was such a difficult and conscious decision to leave, to pursue Clothesline in Los Angeles. And there have been so many turns, experiences, interactions that have affirmed that decision to pursue photography here. I continue to feel optomistic and passionate about where I am heading, both personally and photographically.


The song in this video is "Lucky Now" by Ryan Adams.

Taylor Woods