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Taylor Woods is a Los Angeles-based destination wedding, commercial, and portrait photographer.

On Photoshop & Culture pt. 1


I shared this yesterday on my personal Facebook page; it's sticking with me, with my ideas of ethics as a photographer. I've been asked to do portraits before that mimic the Photoshopping of advertisers: 'no-facial-pores, body-slimmed, alien-godlike-perfection'... while I can technically do that, I won't. Because it adds to the culture of reinforcing that sense of "smallness" and "inadequacy." That no one is sexy enough, fun enough, experiencing enough. Nothing is enough.

It perpetuates the beliefs that so many people hold about themselves, their partners, those around them, myself, that how I look informs what I believe about myself. That you are only valuable due to how you look. That Madonna is past her prime at the Super Bowl (and is judged for looking like a 50-year old woman, which she is), and that to be a man, I should look like Tyler Durden (who I'm not). I resent the role that this artform has played into that paradigm. I hate that the artistry of photography & photo-editing (yes, that is its own artform) has in many ways come to symbolize this gross and sad state of our personal self-prejudice, our internal dialogue, our ability to see ourselves. So, to sum up my rant and quote Bansky: "Fuck that."

Taylor Woods